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How to buy from us?

How to purchase products from ShopMart If you buy a product 1. If you are a new visitor to our Online Shop, please, complete your sign up/ registration right now & create your own User Name & password to purchase products. 2. To buy your selected product, please, click over the image of that product, […]

Customer Guide

 Before You Buy : ShopMart  Customer  Guide  – ORDERS, PAYMENT,  &  BUYER PROTECTION is a E-commerce Company , Bangladeshi Online Shop targeted at consumers worldwide, offering products at attractive prices . Your order amount can be as low as 1 item and you can pay safely using Buyer Protection service. ShopMart  uses  all types of […]

Online Shopping – What’s in it For You?

The advent of the internet brought in several benefits, online shopping being one of them. Shopping online has many advantages. 1. Home delivery: Just by sitting at home, we can make our list of weekly groceries, visit a website   and have the items delivered at our doorstep. 2. Frees up limited time: These days, […]

5 Ways to Make Your Jewellery Shine

Jewellery Shine

5 Ways to Make Your Jewellery Shine After a while, jewellery items can lose their shine and seem much duller than they used to be. This can happen even to expensive items or even to the ones that you like best. So jewellery care is pretty mandatory. No one wants to wear jewellery with a […]