shopmart bkash payment


Please use the following steps to pay through bKash now!

How does the bKash payment on ShopMart works

Step 1: Dial *247# to get your bKash Menu

Step 2: Press 3 for “Payments”

Step 3: Enter the ShopMart Merchant Number: 017 9988 0282

Step 4: Enter Amount : Total order amount

Step 5: Enter “Order No” as reference.

Step 6: Enter “1” for the bKash Counter No.

Step 7: Verify your payment by entering your PIN

Step 8: Done! You will receive a confirmation SMS”

Cancellation Policy

Please use your order number in reference during bKash payment. If the reference number is wrong the order will be canceled. Please note that ShopMart has the right to cancel any order at any time whether or not the order has been confirmed. In case of cancellation from customer, customer will get refund.